Yas Khaleghi is a German-born, Persian rooted professional vocalist based in Los Angelles.

Specializing in improvisatory styles, her distinct and unique approach to performance and compositions give her an innate edge and an unmistakable identity in the industry.


Her versatility and adaptability within all genres of contemporary music is anchored by the strong foundation of the higher education in music that she attained at the prestigious Artez Conservatory in the Netherlands.


The professionalism she displays in all aspects of her musical career showcases her profound intent to serve her art form entirely. Although her skills and abilities as a vocalist are no less than outstanding, she is primarily driven by the philosophy of music. The ultimate purpose for Yasmin is to utilize music to inspire and encourage others towards positivity and authenticity. Therefore, she leads by example, unafraid to express her own vulnerability and raw emotions within her own music and performances.

Yas Khaleghi comes along as a heavyhearted yet lightly prancing figure. Conveying a wide philosophy of life, she portraits an almost bipolar image of the world. Though she yearns for the underlying truth to be purely good, she knows that light and darkness, joy and sadness, life and death go together.

Her eclectic voice serves her turn. She creates moods and feels likewise with her soft, tender, breathy and bloodcurdling and wailing tone. She can be innocent and neat but also mature and rough. People often point out her outlandish phrasing and interrelate that to her Persian ethnicity.

This translates into her passion for free music, as it holds a space for the momentary truth only."BLABLA COLLECTIVE" is a group, including her most trusted musicians and friends with whom she goes about this ideology. Music to her is honesty, purity, connection, untouched, boundless and bold. It's intimacy, it's togetherness, and it’s trust.

Yas Khaleghi is part of a great veriaty of formations and collaborations. Her recent work in the US includes performances and recordings with American neo classical composer Ryan Whyman, singer/songwriter Stevie Redstone, Dawn Red-Sun, Mahesh Balasooriya, Dallas & Doll, amongst many others.

Additionally Yas Khaleghi is working overseas and nurturing her projects based in her home country Germany.
Her pop/fusion band FISCHKLUB has just released their first video "Hightech Ghetto" of their upcoming album. More video and single releases to follow in the course of this year 2020.

Dream Pop Duo "AROMA"'s "I don't wanna be with you" (2019) featuring Yas Khaleghi on vocals has been their most renowned and played single yet.


Other reremakrable projects and collaborations include performances with SARAJANE, German super group B.Seite (of Udo Lindenberg, Clueso, Joy Denalane, Max Mutzke & Johannes Oerding), notorious theater director Franz Wittenbrink's theatre productions "Damenklo" and "Café Amazonien", jazz pianist Dirk Bleese, German multinational luxury automobile company BMW, award-winning international advertising agency Jung von Matt, renowned NDR Bigband, jazz drummer and producer Tobias Held's (of Max Mutzke, Johannes Oerding, Roger Cicero, Sascha) "The Playlist", the cult Ska-Band Loui Vetton, NDR Hamburg SOUNDS 90.3 featuring Flo Mega, Regy Claasen, Johannes Oerding, The Latonious, Caroline Fortenbacher and Rolf Stahlhofen (Söhne Mannheims), famed cabaret artist Ina Müller, Kommando Himmelfahrt's musical theatre production "Hamburg Requiem" with Jan Plevka, Christian von Richthofen, German folk music superstar Helene Fischer at such prestigious venues such as Knust, Birdland, Prinzenbar, Laeiszhalle, Rolf-Liebermann Studio, Kampnagel, Winterhuder Fährhaus, St.Pauli Theater, stage club, Blue Whale, Valley Performing Arts Center, Hotel Cafe, Moroccan Lounge, to name a few.

Photo by Irene & VIDEO by Victor Regardin