DPYK is an American and German electronic fusion duo from Los Angeles and Hamburg.

Beatmaker and trumpetist Dylan Peck and contemporary singer/songwriter Yas Khaleghi met in 2014 in the depth of the L.A. traffic. It was an inspirational, yet short encounter.

It wasn't until summer 2016 that the two met again, when Dylan decided to travel to Hamburg with a song that he had envisioned Yas' voice for.

Since then the two, despite the challenges of any long distance relationship, work on music together striving for a fetching and daring sound that is moving yet challenging to the listener.


DPYK is currently working on “ALL” (German for “Outer space”, English for “all”), their debut EP, which will be released end of summer 2018.

On “ALL” DPYK frames their musical roots of jazz, hiphop and soul into an electronical soundscape. It has been described as captivating, mature and inimitable.



12/02/2017 IL SOLE CANTINA, Groningen (Netherlands)

12/06/2017 BAR ROSSI, Hamburg (Germany)

12/08/2017 IPA Bar, Berlin (Germany)